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My Well-Being Platform

Every April, I eagerly prepare for my move to Anyaa’s Oasis from my apartment. My trailer is situated on a river lot in Southern Ontario and represents much of what well-being means to me. As you can see from this image, my environment is beautiful. It is also peaceful, and it is the source of…

Creating Well-Being

What does well-being mean to you? For me, this image embodies many of the values I associate with well-being. It is the name I have given the trailer that I live in for six months each year … the summer months, of course, since I live in Southern Ontario! This doesn’t mean that well-being is…

About Anyaa

As a Seeker for more than 30 years, Anyaa studies concepts and tools that allow her to expand her skills and abilities to consciously choose her experiences.

At the heart of these experiences is Well-being. And Well-being is the subject of these Ponderings, which I intend to share with you.

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