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My Well-Being Platform

Every April, I eagerly prepare for my move to Anyaa’s Oasis from my apartment. My trailer is situated on a river lot in Southern Ontario and represents much of what well-being means to me.

As you can see from this image, my environment is beautiful. It is also peaceful, and it is the source of creativity for me. This is my well-being platform:


A long hill provides the approach to the river valley where my trailer resides. As I descend, a feeling of Peace and tranquility begins to permeate my Being. These feelings remain for the duration of my visit, whether it’s a few hours during the winter when I replenish my bird-feeders, or the weeks and months I spend during the summer.

I am surrounded by Beauty. It is a constant whether I’m sitting next to my pond sipping my mochaccino, watching the fish, observing the birds at my feeders, contemplating the flower beds, or simply puttering.

Canada Geese flock on the river – often squawking loudly – but are always a source of interest as the youngsters learn to become adults. The families frequently promenade along the river bank, especially in Spring when their young are first hatched. They parade from lot to lot pecking at the grass, depositing little “gifts” as they proceed. Papa will not tolerate a non-family member while the babies are young and makes his displeasure known in no uncertain way if another goose dares to approach.

The park is surrounded by Nature with a golf course on the opposite river bank- well hidden by trees and bush, and another golf course is one side with a farmer’s field next door. Our club is situated on 111 acres of bush so there is no shortage of trees!

Contemplating my flower beds provides a great source for Creativity. Occasionally I plan a change or an addition to the beds, but usually it all seems to evolve naturally. I really don’t know how that happens, but it does without much input from me! An idea will pop into my head and before I know it I have my tools out and I’m relocating a plant or extending a flower bed.

I also tend to see something at the nursery that I fall in love with and take home. Then I have to find a suitable location for it. The pot is moved from one place to another over the next few days, before I find a home for it. Thus my flower beds evolve without a great deal of conscious input from me.

This platform of well-being words is what guides me during the time I spend at Anyaa’s Oasis. Specific occasions warrant other combinations of words depending on the circumstances and I’ll discuss this in other posts.

I encourage you to discover your own platform of three words from the list in my post entitled Creating Well-Being. This platform is not cast in stone. It’s totally flexible and can be changed as often as you desire or circumstances dictate. Just don’t forget to FEEL the words as you combine them!


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