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Creating Well-Being

What does well-being mean to you? For me, this image embodies many of the values I associate with well-being. It is the name I have given the trailer that I live in for six months each year … the summer months, of course, since I live in Southern Ontario!

This doesn’t mean that well-being is absent from my life during the winter months that I live in an apartment. It simply means that, Anyaa’s Oasis holds many of the experiences that represent well-being – for me. I will write more about this in future posts.

If you haven’t given much thought to well-being in your own life, it may be a totally unconscious experience. Or you may be aware of moments where well-being is the overall feeling, but the components of that feeling are unknown, or perhapselusive to you.

Below I’ve listed a number of words that can represent well-being. Often it’s a collection of these feeling that contribute to it.

  • dignity
  • respect
  • appreciation
  • gratitude
  • abundance
  • happiness
  • vitality
  • goodwill
  • peace
  • freedom
  • masterful
  • gentleness
  • compassion
  • graciousness
  • accomplishment
  • generosity
  • honesty
  • reverence for all life
  • beauty
  • equality
  • ease
  • health
  • unlimitedness
  • fearlessness
  • giving
  • receiving
  • integrity
  • kindness
  • joy
  • co-operation

This list is nowhere near the extent of what constitutes well-being, but it can be a jumping-off point for exploring what it means for you, personally. Ponder the words and become aware of which words resonate with you. You will then have an opportunity to consciously include them in your life and develop well-being for yourself.

I suggest picking three words that you can utilize as the foundation for your life experience. FEEL these words! Begin with them individually, then combine them.

Every morning, before getting out of bed, reinforce your intention to base your experience that day, on using the chosen words. You can pick three different words each day depending on your schedule and what you wish to accomplish, or you can use your base words as a platform or a focal point for your daily experience. And thus you will be consciously choosing well-being.


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